The following links are to non-commercial entities or resources that contain research-based information on the use of LEDs for plant applications.  Also listed are some upcoming conferences on LEDs and lighting topics, many in which we will participate.

NCERA-101, which is a USDA committee composed of university faculty, USDA scientists, and controlled environment experts that researches and discusses how to use controlled environment technology effectively and consistently.
Video podcasts from The Sustainability Initiative feature commercial installations of LEDs in the Netherlands as well as other videos on greenhouse sustainability (e.g., energy and water).  Growers are interviewed by our Team's Erik Runkle.
Greenhouse energy resources, a website developed by Michigan State University on strategies that can be used to produce ornamental crops in an energy-efficient manner.
LEDs in practice in the Netherlands, a summary of research being performed at Wageningen University.  Take a look at some of the other articles on light.